6 Jan 2014 - Magic downwinder from Beaumaris to Hampton

James and I dropped a car at Hampton and met up with Eric at Beaumaris.  The wind was honking - definitely little kite weather.  The tide was high at Beaumaris, making for a great flat water arena.  By the time Eric had launched, my arms were already tired from scooting back and forward in high winds.

The trip down the coast was fantastic, tucked in behind the Cerberus, then hit the fantastic surf at Sandringham.  There were proper waves coming through, it was one of the best bay surfs I've seen on the kite.   We all had a fantastic time going through the line up, trying to surf waves and getting some good boosts.  James got his first real big jump - great to see.

We hit Hampton and I came in soon after - magnificent session - can't wait for the next one.


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