19 Jan 2014 - Downwind action - Aspendale to Mentone

Stu Styles, Anthony and I dropped a car at Mentone then headed down to Aspendale.  Aside from being a glorious trip, it was a good opportunity for Stu to get some kiting in without worrying about staying upwind.  Wind was fantastic, I had decided to try out the surfboard again as the rest of the week will be on the twintip.

We planned it out pretty well, and Stu was doing really well but didn't manage to get past the pier.  We turned in and landed the kite, and I headed on to Mentone to get the car.

The surfboard is pretty good in chop and jumps pretty well, landings were super smooth.  Gybing is still a pain, I'm definitely getting better but I'm not sure that it is something I want to do a lot of.  The twintip is so nice just to be able to chop and change and get air whenever you want, the surfboard still requires a lot of forward planning.


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