18 Jan 2014 - try everything

Went down to Hampton for a session while the kids are away.  Had a big session - tried most of the tricks in my trick bag - some went well, others didn't.

James, Eric, Stu, Peter and Tony joined me down there - Stu was getting his sea legs with Peter's help and managed to do very well - competent going out on the standard side and even got some goofy launches too.  James' buddy Alwyn had a shocker - some kite loops and then crashed the kite into some shrubs - not a good start.  James managed to sort out his technique for jumps and had a fantastic session.

I had a go at most of the faves - landed about half of the backroll to toeside, tried riding blind with no success, but landed some great back 720's.  Landed a board off, indy glide and front grab. Still having trouble with back 720's on the goofy side.  Did some darkslides, but didn't try the goofy side.

Was fantastic to have time on my side !


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