2016 01 14 - Epic adventure

With a 25 knot + wind forecast, headed down to Hampton to hook up with James and Stu for a small kite session.  It had been blowing all night with intermittent rain, so the expectations were high for great wind and nice waves.  Stepping out of the car I couldn't get the grin off my face - it was absolutely perfect for a kick rs session.
Took the 7 out and was immediately greeted with some big surf out the back.  Took a while to get used to the little kite, but after a couple of runs felt right at home.  Fantastic big air opportunities launching off the swell behind the groynes.
We mucked around in the main kiting section - sweet waves rolling in with very little chop and only about 5 kiters.  After a while we headed down to Green point to check if it was peeling off the point down there.  The surf just south of green point was even bigger which was fun, but north of the point it was kind of rubbish.  After one or two gos I pulled the pin, it was still a bit of a battle to tack back, given the gusty wind and big swell.   Stu was a bit challenged getting upwind on his toeside tack so I circled back and tried to tell him on the water that he would have to transition.  I can't imagine he heard me, but he stopped riding toeside and went magically upwind.  I had another slight panic after riding a great wave in, trying to cut out through the shore break and saw Stu fall off right on green point near the rocks.  He had recovered before I could reach him - luckily - it would be an awful place to wash up.
We headed back and had a ball in the hampton surf for another half hour before the big clouds started to roll in.  Massive grins after an epic session.


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