2016 01 23 - Tarren's place

Eric, Pete, Tarren and I met up at Tarren's place.  It had rained the day before so we figured Aspendale would be the go - clean, flat water.  It was magnificent.  The wind was just enough - we could have done with a few more knots but still a lot of fun.  I worked on unhooked - and found out that it you dont have the kite set right it can be a real pain, every time I unhooked the kite just dropped out of the sky.  I tried the roast beef grab, got real close but I'll have to work on my flexibility.  Nailed the double grabs - not that hard.  Then worked on front roll 540 transition, landing toeside.  I was able to land it pretty consistently, just need to work on having enough power to steam out of it.  Sorted out the start from the board on the water - just jumping up onto it and heading off.  Not hard in flat water.
Very decent long session - and I think we've uncovered a new great spot - there is fantastic flat water beside the pier.


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