2016 04 03 - Point Impossible - highlight package

With so many highlights its hard to know where to start.

After much discussion, we had a fair size crew settle on a destination.  Pete, Stu, Eric, Dan and Mike all joined forces at Breamlea at around 9am, with the promise of solid wind all day and big surf. Bremlea looked magnificent, but alas the wind was not really pushing through there so we decided to circle around to Point Impossible.

Hitting Point Impossible there was stronger wind and 1 kite out.  There is a lot more reef and rocks, but there are a couple of back out points so whilst it looks pretty dodgy, we were confident that we couldn't come to too much grief.  Heading out it soon became clear that the wind was not quite strong enough - I had to battle hard to keep on a line.  Pete dumped his kite and lost his board but I had no chance to retrieve it - it was upwind.  Luckily he drifted in to our back up point.

The wind picked up as time went on, the surf was big and amazing.  Lots of windsurfers getting onto waves - they were all very good - and a few kiters also.  I was having an absolute ball trying to surf waves and negotiate not getting crunched onto a reef.  It certainly curtailed me doing anything too risky.  There was beautiful flat water too between the waves so not too much fatigue on the legs.  2 solid hours in the surf - amazing session.  We all had an absolute blast.


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