2016 04 05 - Rosebud movie

The wind wasn't hitting its forecast nastiness, so I went for the 10m.  This also gave me the opportunity to throw the camera on the kite and grab some footage - I figured on movie for a change. Great chance to see what tricks I'm hitting (and which I'm not), plus good to through some of my compositions on the backing track.  The camera only records for 26 minutes, so I had to go bananas.  The first run I nailed 6 things in a row - so that went on pretty much unedited.  After that, I cut in all sorts of stuff.

Things that seem under control (featured in the clip)
- backroll
- nosegrab
- gayley
- frontroll
- backroll transition
- one hand jump and rotation
- backroll to toeside
- backroll toeside to heelside
- backroll toeside to toeside
- double backroll jump
- riding blind for a very short time

I got totally munched going for a darkslide which unfortunately I missed on the footage.



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