2016 10 23 - Dodging the fronts

Pete and I hit the beach early - just before 8 - having guessed that a window of no rain would open up.  It seemed impossible the day before - heaps of rain and fronts made what looked like great wind unkitable.
We'd agreed to meet up with quite a few folks - Dan, Mike, Stu, Job - but come 8am and it was pete and I on the beach.  A front had just passed, we could see another coming in 30 minutes, but thought we would be able to squeeze in the session and hope it would dissipate before hitting us.
Out on the water the wind was fantastic.  It was such a relief not to be kiting in a hurricane, you could try things without getting smashed - which makes such a difference.  The new kite is just handling beautifully - today just let me enjoy it so much.  There wasn't much swell, but so much fun to launch off the kickers into jumps, rotations and inverts.  I didn't land many rotations today, but still had great fun.
James showed up about 45 mins in when a front had passed through, closely followed by Stu, Job, Dan, Mike and their mate with an unusual name (starts with T?).  It was awesome to have a full crew out, great to watch everyone having a ball.  Stu unfortunately had a wardrobe malfunction with his valve not screwed on properly - but everyone else got a great session in.  I clocked in 2 hours on the water - delightful. The other guys retired for coffees - I sped home to keep my credit points in check - vacuuming and cooking with a massive smile on my face.  Setup for the week !


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