25 Jan 2012 - Bustin moves and busting pulleys

Location : Port Melbourne
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Wind: 20 knot southerly

Another awesome wind day.  Tarren and I set off from Port Melbourne, again scooped around the corner onto South Melbourne beach where some beautiful waves were breaking.  Had a ball in the breaking waves before heading up to St Kilda to check up on James.  He's going well in one direction now - won't be long now till both are happening.
We headed back to South Melbourne - those waves were just too good.  Pete joined us later in the session.
Heading back to Port Melbourne I got some air and heard the ping - broken pulley again.  Fortunately I knew what to do from last time - quick release and wind in the centre lines.  Tarren got a bit close at the end and got tangled in the lines which made things a little tricky.  Very glad to have only jumped a fair way out so that I had a chance to get the kite under control before hitting the beach.  
Time to replace the pulleys with eyelets !


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