13 Jan 2012 - St Wind

Location : St Kilda
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Wind: 17-20 knot southerly

The Saints were with me - with Tina going on holiday, I needed some good wind and it came through straight away.  Hallelujah !
Spent a bit of time with James - he's completed his lessons and just bought his first kite.  Incredible flying skills - he kept the kite up even after doing a full rotation in the water.  Really reinforces the fact that it is all about the kite - the next decent wind session he will be up and away.
I had a fantastic couple of hours out doing the regular thing.  Tarren was down at St Kilda too completing his trial of every kite known to man.  Stayed out till around 8 - then went and met Wildy, Darren, Steve and Linda for a big night out.


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