05 Jan 2012 - Surf's up

Location : Rye back beach
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Wind: 20 knot south westerly

 Big surf on at Rye back beach - a couple of days at Peter's holiday house in sorrento gave us the opportunity to give it a crack. The wind seemed very strong in the car park so we went small - 7m - but that was rubbish. Not quite enough power to get out through the surf. You often need a bit more power in the surf due to the flow of water - in this case it was all over the shop - in, out, sideways. The surf was real big and messy - no nice troughs and flat sections, all chaos.

Grabbed the 10m and it all became a lot easier - the surf was still hard going but I could hold a line and power myself out of bad situations. A tough place to kite though - lots of rocks and as mentioned, messy surf. The best spot n the peninsula would have to be balnarring for mine - the surf beaches need a combination of wind, tide and swell that are hard to come by.


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