14 Nov 2014 - Paynesville - Grab the shopping - and go for a quick kite

After the ripping session of the morning, we thought we'd top it off with a shot on the main street of Paynesville.  Its a very small beach, with trees and obstacles everywhere, we were warned off it by some locals given that someone had put a kite in the powerlines earlier in the year.  It was a bit sketchy - there is no margin for error in the launch, and a heap of obstacles on the water, piers, lulls around obstacles, a river - definitely no place for beginners.  I had a good session on the surfboard hitting gybes early then hitting faceplants later (as is the way).  The wind kicked up a bit so I came in and grabbed the twin tip for a bit of jumping action.  That was going fine but unfortunately Amelia got into a little bit of trouble, so I had to ditch the kite and run to grab her...she had dumped her kite in the rivermouth.  She's very resilient though - and was not phased at all, even given that she's washed up on a pier with the kite kind of trailing down the river.

We tried to go out again afterwards but the wind quickly faded - not that we could complain after such an epic day.


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