2 Nov 2014 - Big surf at Inverloch

A nice 25 knot wind was blowing in, so Tarren, Pete and I hit the surf beach.  The waves were huge, but it always a hoot to charge the flat water between the waves so I couldn't wait to get out.  Had an absolute ball surfing waves, jumping (and getting applause from the beach) and just generally loving having a kite in crazy conditions.  I have no idea how big the waves were, but suffice to say they were bigger than me.  I had to jump over a couple on the way out as they were a little scary.  I've learnt a lot about keeping the kite high while going out to make sure that any jump has a soft landing, the previous surf session had me hitting the water hard after getting air of the lip.
Got totally munched late in the session, but managed to fly the kite hard throughout - otherwise I'd probably be looking for a new kite.  Pumped to have a great session.

If you are a photo glutton, there are more to be had here


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