27 Nov 2014 - spoilt brats

Tarren, James and I hit St Kilda in the afternoon.  Big aspirations of heading across to Williamstown soon evaporated, the wind was just not quite enough - somewhere between 16 and 17 knots.  I tried some of the stuff on my to do list - backroll to toeside/faceplant that just never really worked, riding blind that kind of did.  The tip about putting your leading hand on the back of the bar was a winner, and doing a karate kick and looking down into the water.  Kind of weird but it worked.  I stuffed up heaps of jumps, the wind was just so light that there was not much hold in the jumps at all.  Totally spoiled from the Paynesville trip !  I got one really nice darkslide in, and one howler...back down to 50% !


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