2014 01 04 - Beaumaris to Hampton downwinder

I teamed up with Peter and Amelia to do a downwinder from Beaumaris to Hampton.  Grant was down at Beaumaris too, teaching his kids how to windsurf - they were having a great time.  Fantastic way to spend the holidays for the kids!
Grant was unable to join us as he was missing a crucial piece of kit, we rigged up and headed off.  I took the surfboard - mostly as I was keen to check out how my right leg would handle kiting again.  It was absolutely fine - great news - hope to be back on the twin tip tomorrow.  The downwinder offered fantastic scenery as ever, and a good chance to muck around with some things on the surfboard.  I've got gybing nailed using one type of technique - still working on a few variations.

Amelia handle the trip well, Pete took off and looked to be headed to fawkner beacon at one stage.  The cliffs at Sandy around half moon bay looked amazing today.  Once we arrived at Hampton I had a go on the nugget, fantastic board for going upwind and really stuck to your feet despite being strapless.  I got a ridiculous amount of speed on a toeside tack - so much so I had some big faceplants.  I was pretty glad to be back on the surfboard by the end - mostly because I know how to handle that now.

Great session, and a good feeling to be tired from kiting.

Amelia in the distance

Coming in to Hampton - hello flat water.

Backroll on the surfboard

Pete, Amelia and some guy about to get run over by the nugget

My best faceplant on the nugget

Nice pic of Pete on the Airrush


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