2015 01 17 - Aspendale - cashing in

Hit Aspendale for a morning session with Stu.  I'm really cashing in on the kids being away - I've been getting out heaps.  Hit the beach and it was honking in - probably close to 25 knots.  Managed to get some big big air while a big front came through - thankfully by the time Stu launch it was more laid back at around 20 knots.  Amazing fun to be doing runs through the surf - jumping on waves, surfing and back out for more.  Managed to land a few toeside backrolls - just got to work out how to power away from them.  Front rolls are back on the menu too.  Amelia joined us an hour or so in and was loving it too.  Fantastic to get a 2 hour session in in the waves.

As I was leaving, one of the locals told me they were amazed at the height I was getting.  We met as I was just setting up, she said she'd keep an eye out for me from her house.  I'd be fascinated to see what it looked like - it was good and high that's for sure.


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