2016 03 05 - Kiting weekend - Beachport

Hell yeah !

The kiting weekend is always a highlight of the year - and from the moment that Stu (veteran of many a weekend) suggested that we head to Robe, we were all super excited.  Naturally Pete and Tarren were in, so we had a fantastic cast of dedicated wind nuts.

We headed off at 5am - having all woken up at around 4 as excited as kids anticipating Santa.  Pete's new car was packed to the rafters - I took 2 kites and 2 boards and Pete took enough kites and boards for 5 people - including the ambitious foil (ambitious as the wind was forecast to be cranking).  We stopped off in Hamilton on the way over in a funky cafe that denied the country town prototype, then steamed towards Beachport.  The forecast was SE and strong - Stu had done a bit of digging and found a perfect rounded bay just to the south of Robe.

We arrived to cranking wind, one kiter and a magnificent beach with islands off in the distance.  We quickly decided that a tour was in order, so after saddling up and doing a few runs in the surf, Stu and Pete headed off into the distance.  The surf was a bit all over the shop, no real consistent waves to grab but very nice flat water.  The trip to the islands was quite long, we had to tack past a very long pier and cut hard into the wind to hit them.  Once there it was magnificent, beautiful scenery, flat water and good wind.

Had some great carving runs on waves and flat water, then had a look around to the north of the island. The coast looked pretty rocky, so we all decided to swing back and head for the beach.  A leisurely tack back with some big jumps.  Fantastic way to start the weekend.

Still working on rotational jumps of all varieties - the forward 360 transition always lands toeside now which is kind of fun.

Pete ready to go

The scene on arrival

Go go go - Stu and Tarren

Petes new kite from above

The headland

We all thought about cutting through this gap, then realised it was full of reef and would have ended in disaster

The island

Island with Pete and Stu way off in the distance

Must be big - no track marks

Carving competition

Stu on the orange kite - proof that it flies.  

Whatever jump I'm doing, I'd better land it cause its damn shallow

View off to the south


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