2016 03 05 - Robe downwinder

Having had the session at Beachport anything from then on was a bonus.  But this was to be a extra special mega bonus.

We'd gone up to Robe to check out our accomodation.  An initial look at the long beach indicated that there was no wind - the SE wind wasn't hitting the beach, people were lying around sunbaking.  We checked the SE facing beach on the south side of Robe - it unfortunately was pretty rocky and wasn't catching the wind either.  As the beach to the north is very long and cuts around we figured we could drive north and grab some wind somewhere.

You can drive along the beach in Robe - its a bogan paradise.  4wd everywhere.  You can only imagine the kind of bullshit that goes on.  It was convenient for us - we drove along the beach until there was some wind hitting us.  It was around 15 knots but we figured it would be stronger further out.  We were right...and wrong.

I got out both boards thinking we'd stay on the same tack.  Stu didn't even lock his new car - obviously thinking the same thing.  It became immediately apparent that that little idea wasn't going to come true.  The wind was cross off, and probably varying between 15 and 20 knots.  Sometimes you were lit, sometimes nowhere near it.  Being such a long bay though, it didn't take long for the following idea to take hold :
just surf the perfect waves down the line and we'll walk back.
Having accepted that it was a glorious session.  Nice little waves running beautifully down the beach, just us 4 and beautiful scenery made for a magic session.  I looped the hell out of the kite, staying on waves for as long as possible.  Taz and I saw a dolphin, and pretty much kited until dusk.
It was a hell of a long walk back with gear, but the session was amazing.


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