14 Nov 2011 - Sandy point inlet

Location : Sandy point
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 25 to 16 knot south westerly

I was a bit scared.  The forecast was not disimilar to my biggest kitemare ever at exactly this location - a front was going to hit with about 35 knots of pain at some stage during the day.  After setting up and seeing the wind pick up I thought I was in for a big adventure.  
Headed out and it was all over the shop at the north of the inlet.  Gusting from 15 to about 25 knots, really damn nasty.  I headed to the south of the inlet as the wind seemed to be more consistent there - but it was blowing pretty hard.  I thought I'd have to go in and get the 7m - but everything scaled back and I had a fun time doing some transitions.

Photos courtesy Peter Campbell at http://www.peterskiteboarding.com/


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