30 Oct 2011 - Best ever day kiting - part 1 - Inverloch Downwinder

Location : Inverloch
Kite : 7m Crossbow
Conditions : 20-25 knot south westerly

What a perfect day for kiting !
Good wind on - initial thoughts were that it was going to spike out about 25 knots so I rigged the 7m crossbow just in case.  We kicked off a downwinder at the surf beach, the surf was fantastic fun and the flat sections in between waves was fantasic. 
PredictWind had indicated that the wind would drop out so we headed down the beach towards the mouth of the inlet.  This was unpleasant last time - and was again this time.  Waves and currents are going in all directions here so its real bumpy and not that much fun. 
We got into the inlet and ran up and down in the flat water.  Unfortunately the wind backed off to around 20 knots, and I only had my 7 up so there wasn't much airtime to be had.  Wish I had my 10 !  
All the same, it was a great session in fantastic conditions.

Photos courtesy of Peter Campbell from Peters kiteboarding


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