12 Nov 2011 - Sandy point kite marathon

Location : Sandy point
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 17 knot south westerly

Rushed down to Sandy point for our planned sailing weekend with Peter, Stu Styles and Grant.  All keen to get on the water - when we arrived it was a fairly light 15 knots or so.  I headed down the inlet a long way as I couldn't stay upwind - further down the inlet towards the ocean there was a fair bit more wind.  I was out for ages just keeping the same tack - about 1 hour in the wind picked up and I was able to go and meet Stu and Grant.  Great fun mixing up with those guys.  No progress with my hit list of tricks - its a sketchy place when you ditch a kite so I put them on the back burner - but was great to just buzz around and race Stu and Grant.

Photos courtesy Peter Campbell at http://www.peterskiteboarding.com/


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