30 Oct 2011 - Best ever day kiting - part 2 - Inverloch Surf

Location : Inverloch
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 20-25 knot south westerly

After the epic downwinder in the morning, Pete, Tarren and I hit the surf beach in the afternoon - as that was the best part of our downwinder.  Conditions were a perfect 20+ knots - having being underpowered in the morning I put the 10 up and it was fantastic.  Great to have a little more power in the surf to be able to put on the gas if you are in trouble.  I had a fantastic time getting onto waves and backing the kite off to surf them in - its an absolute blast.
Did a couple of standard jumps and rotations but didn't want to try anything radical in surf as ditching the kite or board is kind of bad.  Absolutely stoked after this session - and tired !


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