2015 03 22 - Inverloch - the icing on the cake

After a beautiful morning of surfing and suping (using Pete and Mike's extensive equipment warehouse) we waiting for the afternoon session as called out by predictwind.  Funnily enough it only predicted wind at Inverloch - a south easterly when everywhere else it was blowing northerly.

Sure enough it came in, so Pete, Amelia, Mike, Eric and I headed out.  The key was staying out of the channels and on the sandbar, the water wasn't moving as fast there and you could stay upwind with some effort.  It was glorious - not just because of the wind - but the setting sun, sandbars and uncrowded beauty correlated to make a fantastic session.  I finally summoned the courage to do jumps with kiteloops, which turned out great.  I pulled off 4 in a row - not that bad really - particularly in light winds.  It really capped off a tremendous couple of days.

Waiting for wind
Picture courtesy of Peter Campbell


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