2015 03 01 - Mentone surf action

After a frustrating day (wind wise) the day before, I was very happy to see a nice 17 knots pumping up the bay.  Went down to Mentone, where Stu, Anthony, James and Tarren were already up and about.  As it often goes at Mentone, the wind close to shore was not quite enough, you had to really work it along and tack out to get some decent wind behind the breakers.  Once there, it was fantastic, a good opportunity to try all sorts of things.
Got 3 out of 5 backroll kiteloops on the preferred, stuffed one up majorly in front of Tarren which had me flying backwards mid loop.  Tarren gave me a nice applause - good to share a good stack.  Concreted in the technique now, got to be at least halfway through before the loop and have to have your hand midway along the bar to really crank it.  Attempted one on the goofy side that went well - landed into a transition which was unexpected but hey - I'll take it.  Still struggling with powering out of toeside backloops - always good to have something to work on.  I must have hit my left calf on something cause it hurts a lot - hope it isn't anything major.
show poneying

catching up with gonad man

no clue what I'm trying to do, or if I landed it, but I'm definitely in a bad spot

playing tag with Tarren


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