2015 03 21 - Massive kiting weekend in Inverloch - session #1

After a hearty breakfast at Kilcunda, where the crew of Stu Styles, Anthony, Mike, Eric, Amelia, Peter and I chomped down on avocado breakfasts, we headed off to Inverloch anticipating a 4pm session.  Heading straight to the inlet we were stoked to see kites already in the air - so we setup almost immediately.  Pete blew up both the zero and the flite 14.5m.
After watching Pete charge around on the zero, I grabbed it for a go with my twin tip.  It is still a nightmare.  It flies in light winds, but the slightest gust pulls you over the front rail fighting to stay on a line.  Needless to say I got blown a fair bit downwind, and felt like I was in a panic the whole time.

Not so on the flite, which I tried soon after.  It looks like a kite, and flies like one too, good consistent pull and very reactive.  Pete had gone off on the inflatable sup to rescue Stu Styles, so I grabbed the sector 60 and had a fantastic time charging around the inlet.


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