2015 03 15 - Perfect start to the day at Altona

Headed over to Altona with Tarren - it took us right on 20 minutes so we hit the beach at 6:20 - it was still dark !  We called in at Apex park - but it was very stinky with no beach to speak of, so we returned to the main beach.  We setup in the dark, and did the first 15 minutes under the street lights in fantastic wind.  Perfect to do a lot of rotations and try riding blind - which I continue to fail at !
Mike and Dobbo joined in, you couldn't get the smile off Dobbo's face as he had his first real runs - he was absolutely stoked.  Mike was having a ball too, swapping boards around for the best possible runs.
I was loathe to do many darkslides or try a lot of looping jumps - it was so shallow, so only went with stuff that I was 100% to nail.  Almost 2 hours on the water had me well knackered for the rest of the day - but in the best possible way.


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