2015 03 06 - Dawn patrol

Nothing like a good dawn patrol - perfect set up to kick off a day at work.

I heard Tarren's car bauble in at about 6 - 15 minutes before we had agreed to meet up.  He was so excited he couldn't wait - and he'd been waiting around before heading over !  We met up with James, Mike and Pete at St Kilda, with a good 20 knots on hand.   I worked hard to get upwind, before spotting Tarren and Mike down in the kiddies pool.  I headed over and found that the wind there was real flukey, then spent a fair bit of time getting back onto the main beach.  Running along the main beach was great - there was noone there except for us, and we got to experience the sun slowly rising.  Went into work very happy after about 1.5 hours on the water - beats the crap out of sitting in meetings all day.

Great way to start the day !  Photo : Peter Campbell


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