2015 03 21 - Inverloch kiting weekend - the wind starts here

After a lighter wind session, predictwind came to the party and delivered pretty much spot on 4pm.  With perfect wind, the whole inlet to discover and beautiful flat water, its no surprise that I stayed out until I had cramps in my upper legs 3 hours later.

Put up the 10, took out the twin tip as the tide was going out and the sand bars were bound to start creating some little hazards.  The flat water created across the sand bars was just magnificent, very low impact but I had to exercise caution when jumping.  The outgoing tide meant that it wasn't easy to go upwind, but if you stayed out of the channels it was much better.

Pretty much all of us made the mistake of going right across the inlet to the venus bay side, getting stuck in a wind shadow and also a fast running channel.  I was keen to go out to the surf but it appeared that the wind was only really charging in the inlet itself.  Had a heap of fun watching Mike, Eric, Stu and Amelia carving it up.  Managed to land the riding blind transition, but couldn't hold it for long at all.  Plus it was so shallow that I had to be careful not to hit my head - riding blind invariably leads to a hard stack.  One inverted board jump ended with me in a couple of cms of water and very glad to have the impact vest - I landed flat on my back.

Stacked a darkslide (not looping fast enough) and a back 720.  I had to grab a drink of water about 2 hours in - I should have remembered to bring some electrolyte as about half way through a transition my upper thigh cramped badly - a terrible feeling.  On getting back in the water, one guy was carving it up with butterslides - gotta get back onto those too.  I came off the water exhausted but stoked to have such an amazing day on the water.


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